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A site to discuss and expose critical issues and unethical behavior by UAEU management and employees.


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UAE University Watch and Open Forum

Welcome to UAE University Watch and Open Forum! The purpose of this site is to allow UAEU employees a platform to express their opinions and beliefs in an open democratic manner without fear of imprisonment, deportation and threats of dismissal that are peculiarly pervasive to universities in the Gulf. Sadly, UAE University is no exception to this rule.

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Our aims are simple.

1. To provide a platform for the free exchange of  comment  and opinion for UAE University personnel, faculty and non-faculty. This also includes a group that is often overlooked and exploited - Indian and Filipino campus workers such as cooks, cleaners, gardeners and maintenance men. These unfortunates are poorly paid, over-worked and under-valued by their Emirati masters. 

2. To expose fraud, abuse and behaviour unbecoming of a university with world-wide aspirations and to report such concerns to international regulatory bodies that are involved with, among other things, accreditation, endorsement and human rights. By exposing malpractice we hope that UAE University will be more earnest in its desire to become a premier research university attracting the best  and the brightest from around the world. It is our hope that UAE University evolves into a progressive, modern and internationally acclaimed research university which it aspires to.

However, there are real concerns that cronyism, bureaucratic infighting, ignorance, corruption, incompetence, traditionalist and reactionary forces are doing their best to stifle transparency, efficiency, equality, freedom, autonomy and 21st century modernity.

Our mission is to ensure that UAE University does not succumb to such recalcitrant forces but on the contrary, evolves and matures into a beckon of hope and inspiration in the Middle East, a region known for its backwardness, educational retardation and authoritarianism. We take our lead and inspiration from  Nigel Thrift, the vice-chancellor of the University of Warwick who once described a successful university as one in which free and open communication of ideas, academic freedom, disinterestedness and working for the common good of humanity,  are self-evident.

Please feel free to contribute comments on either our Forum  or Guest Book. Sign up as an anonymous member with a user-name. With your help and contribution, we feel confident this site will grow over time to become an integral part of UAEU's pathway to success.

Rest assured that your identity is fully protected at all times. You can sign in using an alias or pseudonym. All contributors will be treated equally and if the allegation or complaint is of a sufficiently serious nature, we will contact the relevant UAEU official for clarification. If  UAEU does not reply or cooperate within 7 seven days, we will deem the allegation or complaint to have merit and publish it on our site. We will also go one step further and bring the allegation or complaint to the attention of any relevant overseas bodies affliated with UAEU as well as online media outlets such as, for example, the Chronicle of Higher Education.






































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Drooling students.

Ummh. To cheat or not to cheat??

That is the question.

The Naked Abeya

In Memorandum Eternae: Brian Molloy died Oct 2008 - a victim of a callous UAEU management.

Quote of the Month

"It seems that the new Emirati upper management has decided that teachers, like sweepers and construction workers, need to be under much stronger control. They have become way too uppity and under the impression that since advanced degrees and experience are required that they should be treated like professional educators. No more... the slaves and serfs must know their place." 

by Veiled Sentiments (an avid and complusive blogger on Dave's ESL Cafe and survivor of UAEU who is currently suffering from PTSD during her time at UAEU).

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