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Slowly but surely, the reasons for Hume's sudden resignation are only now seeing the light of day, emerging like autumn mushrooms from the secretive fecal world that is UAEU management.

I've opened this thread because UAEUwatch has been receiving information from several sources, some close to the Vice-Chancellor's office, others from within the Vice-Provost's, concerning the events that led to Hume's resignation.

So please be patient while we, in the next few weeks, sift the facts from mere rumors, and verify the evidence and testimonials of our sources, so that eventually, like a painstaking jigsaw puzzle, we will come to something ressembling an accurate picture of what really happened to Rory Hume, the disgraced Provost of UAEU, who abruptly jumped ship and left it rudderless and demoralized, straight into the hands of the notoriously incompetent and bumbling Yousef Hasan Baniyas, who is piloting it towards the reef of its destruction.

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Yes, please do for we are all want know why Mr Hume resign so quickly. He left big mess behind and for new provost Yousef Baniyas he don't know what to do for he have no experience with running a university, only a faculty, which he did not run very well anyway and he too, left it in big mess.

This university heading in wrong direction. Everyone is all upset!

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From our investigation, the causes of Rory's demise are the following:

1. From day one, he stepped on people's toes and rubbed people up the wrong way.

2. He refused to listen to good advice and persisted in doing things "his way".

3. He was totally clueless about the prevailing culture and managed to alienate many within faculty and their deans.

4. He trusted Sheikh Nana when he promised him "his full support" and a mountain of money to transform the stale fortunes of this university. Big mistake!!! Arabs will tell you all sorts of wondrous and fanciful things without any intention of realising them. This is cultural and there is no easy way around it.

5. Many did not share Hume's "Grand Vision" for various reasons, two of which are:

a) they simply didn't understand it and

b) they couldn't see past their own narrow self-interests. Many Emiratis, some of whom have management positions, still have trouble understanding what a university is and its role in society. They still think the UAEU's raison d'etre is where students come to graduate to land cushy government jobs. Period.

6. Hume populated the top jobs with his own cronies, like the notorious Russell Rein, Rene Dennis and Nancy Dye.  Normally this strategy would have worked, because Hume himself is an old master at "the game" as he has over forty years experience in knowing how to extend his power base and feathering his own nest with his own cronies. However, even though they come from the desert, the Emiratis are no duffers and sloutches when it comes to feathering their nests too! They were shut out of managerial positions they felt they were entitled to because they are nationals, and like red-faced piglets squeezed out of the feeding trough, they congealed together to plot their revenge on Rory.

Enough said for now. We are still sifting the information we have so far, so please be patient for Part 2 next week. 

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